7-13-10: Berchtesgaden

On Saturday the kids and I decided to head down to Berchtesgaden. So two days later we are in the Bovarian Alps. We filled our first full day with a salt mine tour, a visit to the lake, and an Alpine slide.

First thing in the morning we headed down from our lodge in the mountains to Berchtesgaden and the salt mine. Before you go into the tour they have you put jump suits on to protect your clothes. Don’t we all look so cute? We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the mine, but it was lots of fun. We took a train into the mountain. Went down very big slides to go from one floor to the next (the baby didn’t like this very much and I don’t think I would have been allowed to go down them in states). But non-the-less they were fun. There was of course information about the mines and an underground lake that we were able to take a boat across. It really was a very fun tour.

K√∂nigssee to be continued….

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