First Day of School!

If you can believe it, our little Addy started kindergarten today. She was so very excited to go, we didn’t even need the alarm this morning. We decided that we would all take her on her very first┬áday of school.

Here we are waiting to go into the cafeteria where the kindergartners go to have their teachers walk them to class (she will do this every day this year).

Waiting to go with Mrs. Bryant to Addy’s classroom! She is so excited…though I know you can’t see this because she is facing away.

Here is Addy’s classroom. She didn’t mind going in at all, no sadness on her part. Let’s just say that mom and dad were a little more sad at seeing their oldest go off on her own.

But alas we did have to say goodbye. We are all excited for our adventure that is ahead of us and know that change is always good but can sometimes be hard. We will miss having our big helper around all day, but look forward to the things she will learn and seeing how she will grow.

3 comments to First Day of School!

  • Grandpa Hibbs

    How exciting to go off to school and be independent! You will learn so much at school. I remember going to kinkergarten in the basement of the Harper school. We moved to an upstairs floor after a very heavy rain flooded our classroom. You will have lots of fun learning and playing with the other children.

    Love You
    Grand Pa

  • Grandma

    Wow! Addy, you are such a big girl! Maybe we can talk this weekend, and you can tell me about all the exciting adventures you are having at school!

  • Grandma

    PS Grandma never got to go to Kindergarten, so please let me know all the fun things you are doing.

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