Our Family


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  • What a great picture! I can’t believe Addy’s hair is getting so long.

  • Regena

    What a beautiful family! And baby sister is so cuddly looking!

  • Peg Chambers

    I just love the pictures and printed them, especially for
    Dennis……. They are having AF inspection this wk, so you
    know they are busy. Dennis running around getting ready,
    and yes this year , as of dec 31 st. We are lookin forward
    to it.
    Your family is adorable………keep the pictures coming.
    I hope your holidays were joyous and blessed,,,Our whole
    family was here this year, thats the most precious thing
    for me is having everyone home, laughing, joking and of
    course makin the food for everyone….. i even put the lites
    up out side.
    You’al take care, God bless and keep in his care…
    How much longer do you have over there, or are you gettin
    to stay?
    lov,hugs to you.

  • Peg Chambers

    Me again,,,,,,, What i meant on dec 31st, he’s retiring for
    sure this year!
    take carepeg

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