Swim Lessons

Payton started taking swim lessons in the beginning of October. He loves it! He is becoming quite the little swimmer. He is no longer scared of going under the water. In fact, he loves to “be a fish” and try and touch the bottom of the pool. He has come along way in a month! His last day of class he was able to play on a boat. He loved it. He can’t wait for his next class to start next week.

Now if you were wondering what Mom, Landyn and Berlynn did while Payton was in the water. Here are some pictures to let you know. (No Mom is not quite brave enough yet to take a two year old and a new born into the water by herself). I personally like what Berlynn does while Payton is swimming, I wish I could do that.

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  • Grandma

    Payton, I can’t believe you are paddling a boat!!!!!!That is amazing!!!!!! I do not think I was ever in a boat until I was in college! Landyn, did you get your train tracks together?

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