Today we blessed our little angel. She was such a cutie (for pictures please click on Berlynn’s Page link to the left). She did well at the beginning of the blessing, but the microphone was turned off and when they switched it on it scared her. She cried the rest of the blessing. But Craig was able to concentrate and she was given a beautiful blessing. We are so grateful to have her here with us.

3 comments to Blessing

  • Grandma

    What a beautiful family you all are! Papa and I love you all so much! The smiles of Berlynn are just adorable! Her sister and brothers are amazing! What a lucky grandma I am!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    She looks so beautiful! And thanks for the Christmas card…we’ll be sending one your way soon!

  • Aunt Sandi

    Thanks for the Christmas Card. Berlynn is soo beautiful, of course, as are the other children!!!. I can’t wait to hold her!!. Love you all!!!

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