Italy Trip: Part One

For our summer vacation we loaded up the car and headed to Italy. We had two very specific requests from Payton he wanted to see the leaning tower of Pisa and Pompeii. Addy wanted to see the mouth of truth in Rome. Landyn wanted to go to the beach and Berlynn was just excited because everyone else was.

Our first day of travels had a few hiccups which set us behind schedule. While loading up the car Addy slammed her finger in the door and we had to stop and run to the emergency room. She had cut the finger on both sides and broke the growth plate. They splinted it and we hoped all would be fine. (She is fine, the finger healed pretty well, it is now crooked but she can use it). Because of our late start we didn’t arrive at our campground until well after dark…about four hours later than planned. But because of the lateness we didn’t have to set up the tent in the pouring rain.

We camped in Switzerland up in the mountains near Luzern. It was lovely. The only annoyance was the cow bells that kept dinging all night long, but that wasn’t too bad especially with the waterfall in the background.

We drove next to Pisa, we made it to Camp Darby in plenty of time to set up camp and still have time to go to the beach.


On Wednesday we spent the day exploring Pisa. The kids were so excited to see the leaning tower. Luckily we already knew there was an age requirement to go up the tower, so there was no disappointments to just see it from the outside.

The kids loved running around and looking at all of the buildings. We were able to go inside the cathedral and the baptistry. It was neat to see the beautiful paintings.

To cool off we headed down a shady street and found some gelato…. delicious!

We explored some more and ended the outing with a trip to a pizzeria. The kids had a pizza margarita and Craig and Nikki had pasta….Nikki’s was sooo YUMMY!

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