Italy Trip: Part Three

After spending several days in Tuscany, it was time to travel further south and face the crowds of Rome. Above is a picture of us at a stop along the way to Rome…you can see Berlynn trying to grab an olive. We stopped at Tarquinia and saw the frescoed tombs of the necropolis dug into the soft volcanic tufa. This was a good little break. We arrived in Rome in the mid-afternoon and set up camp. It didn’t seem to be too bad of a camping place, they had special bathrooms for the kids that they loved and a playground. We enjoyed a pretty good supper and then headed for bed. That is when we discovered how LOUD it was. There was a bar and swimming pool each staying open until late. The swimming pool finally closed around 11:00 and the bar stayed open until 2:00 AM. Lets just say it was loud and not very restful!! We decided we would not stay there another night. We broke camp first thing in the morning and parked the car. Then we headed into Rome.

St. Peter’s Cathederal                                       Trivi Fountain                                                Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps                                               Colosseum                                                                    Capitoline Hill

Circus Maximus                                                                          Mouth of Truth                                Roma

Roman Ruins                                                                  Roman Ruins                                                        St. Peter’s

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