Italy Trip: Part Four

We left the busy, hot, city of Rome and headed toward Naples. We stayed at Carney Park a navy camp ground in the cone of an extinct volcano. Payton and Landyn LOVED this! After a day of rest and relaxation, we headed to Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii.

At the top of Mt. Vesuvius we were able to look down on Pompeii and see the town from the volcano. We then headed down into the city of Pompeii (we hadn’t realized that Pomeii is still a city in Italy). After finding parking…once again a small challenge, we ate some yummy Italian food. The kids had hot dogs and yummy french fries, Craig had delicious lasagna,and Nikki a yummy steak. Then we headed into Pompeii. The kids loved running the streets of Pompeii and looking at all the art on the walls. On the right the kids are pretending to buy and sell at on of Pompeii’s stores. In the middle you can see some angels on the wall on both sides of our angel Berlynn. On the left is Landyn running the streets of Pompeii. The bottom is a picture of ruins at Pompeii with Mt. Vesuvius in the back ground. (Don’t forget you can click on the images to see them larger)

2 comments to Italy Trip: Part Four

  • Peg Chambers

    Alright, loved seeing you travel and the kids are getting so big and great lookin like
    the momma and daddy. We never got to Italy, thats when the war broke out and traveling
    was restricted to certain places for awhile, we had to cancel the trip, but we saw
    so many other places, not enough on our tour left. So, where are the Booths travels
    take them next? Did you get to extend your tour over there? Dennis filled the last of his
    retirement papers, so he’s set to depart the 31st of Dec. It will be sad, because not only
    a military brat, he leaves the service with civil service in all 36 yrs. YOu all take care, keep the pictures coming.
    God bless. always, peg

  • Peg Chambers

    Wow did you have a trip, the kids look so much older, because they are. I see by one of
    the pic’s craig being deployed AGAIN! Where to this time? Dennis retires the 31st of dec.
    He is counting the days, he wished that craig and a few others were still here , i don’t
    think he would have retired. We had a good snow storm come thru beginning of this wk, closed every thing down, went thur midwest and hit the east coast, then it was just rain.
    So , we are wondering what the rest of winter will bring after the heat wave this summer.
    We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy new year with the birth of his son. Do take
    care, hug and squeeze them all. Tell Craig hello from us.
    God bless,

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