Italy Trip: Part Five (Last One)

Our last city to visit was Venice. For the first time this entire trip we stayed in a hotel! It was lovely. We had a family room that consisted of two rooms, a bathroom and AIR CONDITIONING! This was lovely, especially since it had been over 100 degrees every day of our trip.We ate at a restaurant were we were able to watch them make the pizzas and back them in a wood burning brick oven. The food was DELICIOUS. Craig got a pizza that had egg, tomato and pork on top. It was soooooo good.

We finished our trip wandering the “streets” of Venice. We had a wonderful time. The children loved the gondola ride. It was a nice relaxing day…until the car ride home. We drove all the way home that afternoon/evening/night so that we would be back for Addy’s broken finger appointment.

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