Bruges Belgium

After celebrating the harvest festival we headed for Belgium. We went with a few friends and had a good time. I am just going to share the experience through a few pictures and just a few words about them. To see the pictures bigger just click on them!

We arrived late so the first thing we found was supper-French Fries (they were invented in Belgium after all):


The next morning we started the day of with breakfast and hot chocolate (can’t come to Belgium and not have chocolate).


We then headed out to explore Bruges. First the city square.


Next: French Fry Museum


Then of course chocolate!


We did have waffles too. But I didn’t get any pictures of this. The kids (especially Payton was out of sorts by this point). We did drive to the beach so that we could have a look…it was MUCH to chilly and windy to go in, but it was pretty. Payton didn’t get to go see because he was too grumpy.

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