4 years old!

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4 Years Old!

4 Years Old!

I turned 4 years old today! Over the weekend we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City and had a great time together as a family. I LOVED being in the water and learning how to float and move myself around by kicking. The slides were also lots of fun. I requested a Twilight Sparkle cake for my birthday and I think Mom and Dad did a great job! It tasted delicious and I loved my pony cake.

Riding a "Pony"

Riding a “Pony”

Since we celebrated over the weekend today we just went to the restaurant of my choice. I chose to go to the “peanut store” aka Texas Roadhouse. I even got to ride the pony while everyone clapped for me. It was great fun. We even went home and had another cake to eat!

Cake Again

Cake Again


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Our little Berlynn is great at getting things into places. She loves to take things out and put things in. Here are some pictures of what she thought she should do with our clementines. I think that is a good way to have a drink.

1 Year Old & Wiser Too!

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Our littlest angel turned 1 today. She has grown so big and is such a joy in our lives. Unfortunately, Daddy didn’t get to be here for her birthday, but he did get to talk to her on the phone. Though we were sad that Dad couldn’t be here, we did have a fun birthday celebration.

We had a fun time making a bear cake for our “Bear”lynn.

We had many of our friends over and for the first time in our family, had Grandma Hibbs here for a birthday party!

We had a good time eating brats and hamburgers.          Also we had lots of berliners for everyone to enjoy when they went home.



We are so grateful for Berlynn and are so glad that we have her in our family! She is a sweet little angel and has blessed all of our lives.